"I think less is more when it comes to sexy, and that's what I love about corsets. I love the underneath-ness of them. ... When something is kind of covered and yet you can still see this silhouette..."

Emphasize your beauty with the most stylish corsets

Some ladies might feel shy about their body type and its features, but there are great solutions for every problem. Corsets have survived a long time throughout history and are unique items in today’s wardrobes. They are great for body shaping and as part of an outfit. With lingerie, you should always assure yourself it is the right fit. Otherwise you might feel very uncomfortable and you will not get the results you desired. Ensure yourself it embraces all your curves.

Wearing corsets on a romantic date

You will stand out from the crowd with a masterpiece that emphasizes any silhouette. The corset has a rich and impressive history, as it became popular in the 16th Century in Europe. But the earliest models have been probably invented around 1600 BC. Since then, it was improved and has evolved simultaneously with the humankind. Needless to say, the current models look flawless and beautify any body type. Here’s why any escorts should start wearing corsets on a romantic date.

How to dress to impress on a romantic date

There was a time when it was used as an outer-garment, but women wore it mostly underneath their clothing. It was laced tightly, so it pushed the breasts up and reduced the size of the wait. In most of the cases, corsets were made out of layered fabric that was stiffened with glue. Some models contained iron or steel, but they were too uncomfortable and never became a part of mainstream fashion. In current days, many lovely escorts choose to embrace their curves in corsets and surprise their attendant with the most impressive outfits

If you want to dress to impress, the corset is indispensable. Almost all the glamorous escorts from Eros wear the lace bodice, as you can see from their pictures published in the portfolio. The modern corset models slim the waist and exaggerate the size of breast and hips. No wonder why it looks so amazing on any body shape! You must provide your escort services to a gentleman who invited you in a high-class restaurant? Get your best overbust English corset, combine it with an elegant skirt and high heels, and you’re good to go. Your feminine posture will certainly turn heads.

Benefits of wearing corsets

They said that the corset was mandatory for the beauty of the female figure. Nowadays, the body shaping undergarments are worn on the red carpets, at proms, weddings, and even for an everyday outfit. Because they may incorporate spikes, chains, beads, studs, and rhinestones, the corsets may be combined in hundreds of combinations. Imagination is your only limit. And, as we can all see, escorts don’t lack creativity and inventiveness.

It sounds incredible, but some corsets are actually good for your health. The garment will provide back support and improve your posture because it brings back your waist, you will feel sexier when wearing one. And if you occasionally work as an escort, you will have the opportunity to try all kinds of corsets: made of satin, lace, leather, brocade, satin, and cotton.

Wearing corsets on a romantic date guarantees an unforgettable adventure. But some women achieved pain relief after wearing the clothing item on a daily basis. As long as it’s tight, yet comfy, the garment could alleviate the pain caused by scoliosis or other back problems. Cover it with stylish clothes, and you will look stunning! Choose between the cincher, waspie, cupped corset, and sweetheart neckline. The glamorous escorts who wear them could conquer the world. What type of corset would you get to impress your lover?