A short history of corset

Corsets have stood the test of time and are widely known for their unique aspect. The clothing pieces have been used to shape the silhouette of women and enhance their femininity and elegance. Some people appreciate them as a work of art due to details and embellishments, while others see in them a mean to emphasize body curves and refine the waistline. Whether they were a fashion choice or a way to enhance the figure, these garments have a long tradition. Although, corsets have been used since thousands of years ago, they were slightly different than the ones people know today. Mainly used for medical purposes, these items were worn on top of clothes and not as undergarments. The term “corset” was created by the French around the 14th century and referred to a structure made from steel or wood, with an addition on the lower part that made the skirts look bulky. This way, the ladies’ waists appeared tiny and elegant.

Like any other fashion pieces, these garments went in and out of style. During the 17th century and all the way until 19th century, fashionable noble women wore them regularly. The place of the waistline has been modified with trends which caused them to change their purpose. In the Victorian period, these items were extremely popular and resembled the ones people know nowadays. They were tight laced-up pieces that aimed to showcase a V-shaped figure. The World War II caused a decrease in their popularity to the detriment of bras, but they found their way back into the ladies’ graces by the 1990s. From then on, they have been favored by celebrities on the red carpet or on stage performances. Many famous designers have turned them into haute couture ensembles and one-of-a-kind models. Pick your favorite and add a touch of sensuality or emphasize your beauty with the finest corsets in and outside of your bedroom.